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Hey there! 

I am so glad you are here!  

In 2018, the words set apart seemed to be jumping off the pages of my Bible. While reading I would pause to underline and journal the verses containing these two powerful words. This was just the beginning of uncovering what God says about living set apart. Over the last two years I continued reading and writing ideas down as the Lord opened my eyes to see how He calls us set apart.


I took a leap of faith this spring, when God gave me the opportunity through a local camp to share with young girls about living set apart. And so, this journey began. 

So why does this matter so much to me? As a child I competed in beauty pageants, dabbled in modeling, and danced my way onto multiple stages through my college years. After college I was a professional dancer and worked for a small modeling agency.


The gratifying rush of performing and photo shoots was quickly fleeting, keeping me in a constant chase after more. My worth had become dependent on my accomplishments as I fell deeper into the shallow expectations of this world.


Eventually, everything was taken way through a series of disappointment, heartache and challenges. I hit an ultimate low and the Lord met me there. As I turned to Him in desperation, He stripped away the expectations I had put on myself and clothed me with forgiveness and unconditional love.

He set me free. 

My story has given me a passion for sharing God’s Truth with others and most especially my sweet daughters. I am so grateful for this opportunity to link arms with you as we raise up our daughters to know their true worth is found in Jesus.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.


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